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Permission not Showing up in Treeveiw #1018

prakashmatada created

Good Morning All,

I have modified AppAuthorizationProvider, AppPermissions like this

//Survey Application var survey = pages.CreateChildPermission(AppPermissions.Pages_Survey, L("Survey")); survey.CreateChildPermission(AppPermissions.Pages_Survey_Create, L("CreateSurvey")); survey.CreateChildPermission(AppPermissions.Pages_Survey_Edit, L("EditSurvey")); survey.CreateChildPermission(AppPermissions.Pages_Survey_Delete, L("DeleteSurvey"));

public const string Pages_Survey = "Pages.Survey"; public const string Pages_Survey_Create = "Pages.Survey.Create"; public const string Pages_Survey_Edit = "Pages.Survey.Edit"; public const string Pages_Survey_Delete = "Pages.Survey.Delete";

and have localization entries <text name="Survey">Survey</text> <text name="CreateSurvey">Create Survey</text> <text name="EditSurvey">Edit Survey</text> <text name="DeleteSurvey">Delete Survey</text>

but still the new TreeSub Item Survey and its permissions are not showing up in assign permissions? What I am missing? I am using MPA and have deleted app folder.

Thanks Prakash

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Your code seems correct at first look. Can you check if your browser somehow caches it? Rebuild and re-run your project and siable caching for your browser. If it does not work, we will make same changes in our code to test it.


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    prakashmatada created

    Thanks it was some kind of caching issue, I clean and rebuild the solution and it started working.

    Thanks Prakash