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Default ASP.NET Core Caching (What is cached if anything?) #10330

DanielHarris created

We are using ASP.NET MVC w/ jQuery and running on version 10.2.0 of ASP.NET Zero at the moment.

When deploying we will be load balancing the application across multiple regions - What I wanted to know is whether ASP.NET Zero caches anything by default and if that will immediately present us with issues when deploying to production in a distributed manner?

I know from the documentation that the solution uses it's own Cache implementation by default, so I assume this will not "just work" when deployed across multiple servers if it's caching in memory? We haven't added any caching intentionally (so far), do we need to consider using Redis cache immediately for the application to work?

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    musa.demir created

    Hi @DanielHarris Unfortunately, we don't have a list that contains all the places that we use caching mechanism. But since caching mostly provide us a huge performance advantage we use it in zero and aspnetboilerplate. That's why you must use redis caching if you use distributed servers.