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Structure ASP.NET CORE & Angular Project 10.3 #10373

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Dear Sirs and Madams.

I have downloaded the newest version of aspnetzero with an Angular net5.0 project. While creating the project there is a difference to your documentation. Before I'm going tzo implement can you please check the documentation vs. the created project structure. In your documentation overview you describe that there are two web (console) application ((....Web.Host and ....Web.Public) in the downloaded solution(Single Solution) i can find three applications (....Web.Core, ....Web.Host, ....Web.Public). You also describe that the shall not contain any web content (e.g.: css, js and so on). But that is the case in the currently downloaded project. Can you confirm that the created solution is the right one? Or the documentation is up to date?


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Frank Jablonsky

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    Support Team

    Hi @medigmbh

    The .core project is a core project has Controllers and some web-specific content which used by Host and Mvc project. As far as I remember, after .netcore 3.0, it has to be a web application to contain this content, not a library. That is the reason why it is not a library anymore. We will update the image in the documentation. Here is the related issue

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    medigmbh created

    Thank you very much for clearification.