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How to get business error message #106

lcyhjx created


Please see following scenario: I have an application service, in the business logic, need to do some business rule validation. If validation failed, then I throw an AbpException as following” throw new Abp.AbpException("Available balance is not enough.");

But when I invoked the service, I get following response:

   "success": false,
   "result": null,
   "error":    {
      "code": 0,
      "message": "An internal error occured during your request!",
      "details": null,
      "validationErrors": null
   "unAuthorizedRequest": false

You can see the error message is a common message ‘An internal error occured during your request!’, but the message I want is ‘Available balance is not enough’. The common error message is fine for unexpected exception, but for the business error, I need to get specific business error message in front-end application. Do you have any suggestion?

BTW, there is spelling error: An internal error occured during your request! An internal error occurred during your request!

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    lcyhjx created

    I have addressed it by changing the code as following :

    throw new UserFriendlyException("Available balance is not enough.");

    then the response is:

    <Response xmlns="http://localhost/api/services/app/orderpublish/publishorder">
          <details null="true"/>
          <message>Available balance is not enough.</message>
          <validationErrors null="true"/>
       <result null="true"/>

    Not sure if it is the best way, if not, could you please let me know the best practice?

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    UserFriendlyException is built exactly for this reason. So, you've done it right.

    I fixed the spelling error: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... 9c8dfe724b</a>