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Slow performance from GetCurrentLoginInformations API #10626

shedspotter created


product version = 9.0.1 product type = Angular product framework type = .net core 3.1

The site can take +30s to load, login actions can take upwards to 20 seconds to happen. Navigating around the site can also take 20-30s. Other times it will be quick, it is inconsistent.

I notice this more because I'm writing UI automated tests (which are not load tests and run one at a time). When the UI test is slow, interacting with the site in a separate session also is slow.... so not related to the testing.

Actions performed which don't have an API dependency seem to be fast when the general interaction with the site is slow. So perhaps related to API/DB.

Looking in Azure insights, slow performance results from API comms do appear to backup what I'm seeing as pictured below. Looking at SQL performance for the same time period, we're hardly utilising the DTUs.

Insights on API performance for staging


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    musa.demir created

    Hi @shedspotter

    Can you please share the relevant part of the log file so that we can investigate it more efficiently. The log entry/entiries that waits too much.