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How to Update User Registration under a modularized structur #1073

princedis created

Hi, Am writing an application where I tried to keep my code/function as a separate module so that I don't touch your base code downloaded. .

Thanks to the great framework and great documentation, support and knowledge base. Till now every things working fine.

Using []), I have created additional fields to user element. Now my next step is to alter the user registration page like below. .

I know that i can alter the page from the donloaded code. But how can i redirect the call to my own project of dll file.

My main aim is to achieve upgradation process easy. As per my plan, when ever a new code is release my you. I can simply download that and plug my code reference, without thinking what are the pages i needed to be changes as a part of upgration.

I am sending you a link of my source code in you email (with this ticket number).

Please help

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Actually, we designed AspNet Zero to be a template rather than a upgradable framework. We moved less changable parts to nuget packages (Abp.Zero.* packages) and made it open source. It's updatable easily on nuget. But AspNet Zero is mostly for modifying. Because, we think that every company will be very different needs and a closed library will prevent them to customize the UI and the code base. So, we made a tradeoff and selected customizability over updatability (actually, combined them since Abp.* packages are updatable).

    I tried to explain why AspNet Zero is a template and it's not straightforward to upgrade it.

    While we made it a template, we provided Github repository access to our customers. Thus, they transparently see all our code changes and improvements, so they can copy/merge our work into their existing projects if they need. For example, if we add a in-site chat feature, you will not directly update to get it. But, once you understand the solution structure, it will be much more easy to copy and merge related files into your solution, rather than building the same feature yourself.

    Some of our customers are also tried some way of making this progress easier. For example, you can check this issue to see one customer's solution: <a class="postlink" href=""></a>

    This is the first time I explained it in that long :)

    For your specific question, we will try to check your code and suggest a simple way if it's possible.

    Thanks, Have a nice day.

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    princedis created

    I have a solution, Which is working for me. [])

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    alper created
    Support Team

    this is another solution <a class="postlink" href=""> ... ssues/1262</a>