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Remove Language (Localization) Menu item #1083

mattdunndc created

I can't seem to remove top Menu item for Localizations. When there is only one item, the menu still shows. Thanks!

//Add/remove languages for your application Configuration.Localization.Languages.Add(new LanguageInfo("en", "English", "famfamfam-flag-england", true)); // Configuration.Localization.Languages.Add(new LanguageInfo("tr", "Türkçe", "famfamfam-flag-tr")); // Configuration.Localization.Languages.Add(new LanguageInfo("zh-CN", "简体中文", "famfamfam-flag-cn"));

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team

    Just remove it from the view. You can change views however you need, because this is a startup template.

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    mattdunndc created

    OK, thanks. Appreciate the help.