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Error: EBUSY: resource busy or locked when running "npm run create-bundles" #11057

Kaarlaid created

This is for a new ASP.NET Core / Jquery solution (v11) and trying to follow:

My PC is on Windows 11, and each time the error occurs on a different file:

I have tried all the solutions available via Google (clean cache, restart Windows, reinstall NPM, add exception for Windows Defender for the path etc etc). I also tried using "Lockdown hunter", but it finds nothing except CMD.exe for the path, and it's impossible to otherwise check as the file with the problem changes each time.

Do you have any suggestions, please?

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    Kaarlaid created

    Ok, I just managed to solve this myself with more experimentation. The steps that occurred between this error happening and eventual success included 1) uninstalling and then reinstalling node.js, 2) uninstalling the "HP Wolf Security" that was present on my laptop - this had it's features all disabled but perhaps it still being present and scanning files was the issue and 3) rebooting. So perhaps this information might help someone else too.