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Where do you get the login page illustration images from? #11170

rickfrankel created

We like the look of the illustration style images, however the actual images used aren't quite fitting to my product.

Wondering if you are able to say where you get them from and then we could potentially look at alternatives there (we're happy to pay if we find something more suited to our product).

Thanks Rick

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    OutdoorEd created

    The login images are part of the Metronic 8 Theme from that is the underlying theme for ASPNETZERO,


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    rickfrankel created

    Thanks Outdoored.

    Found them. For anyone else interested I've decifered it all :)

    If you download Metronic 8 from your Aspnet Zero page you will find in the design folder Sketchy Pro SVG files.

    Essentially it is this:

    The metronic team have taken those images and created the login page image which can be found in this folder metronic_v8.0.26\angular\docs\src\assets\media\illustrations\sketchy-1

    As 14.png and 14-dark.png.

    I'll now be attempting to change that :)

    Thanks for the pointers outdoored.