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NGX-Spinner CSS Missing From angular.json #11222

rickfrankel created


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I noticed that the spinner annimation was missing in the newest version.

It would appear that you need to add "node_modules/ngx-spinner/animations/ball-clip-rotate.css",

To the angular.json file as per the instructions here

I added it to mine and the spinner works again.

Thanks Rick

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    m.aliozkaya created
    Support Team

    Hello @rickfrankel

    Spinner running on loading screen without this css file. Could you give more information about your issue?

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    rickfrankel created

    Ahh sorry it's my bad kinda.

    I've upgraded ngx-spinner to "ngx-spinner": "^13.1.1",

    As a result you need to include the css class in the angular.json for the animation to work. Looks like in the included package of version 12 this was automatic in some way.

    More for anyone else's reference and for when you update the ngx-spinner dependency in the base package.

    Thanks Rick

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    alexanderpilhar created

    This is true for ASPNETZERO 12.0.0 (Angular)!

    How to reproduce: Start the spinner in any component that extends AppComponentBase without stopping it: You will see the dark overlay but no blue circle spinning around.

    How to solve: As already stated by @rickfrankel in the comment above, in angular.json add node_modules/ngx-spinner/animations/ball-clip-rotate.css to styles section:

    "styles": [