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transparent multi-tenant login #11523

pkouame created

Hi - a very basic question (but this is the first time we deploy a fully multi-tenant solution in azure production)

So we have tenants A, B, C (and host) in production and we want to publish client links to bypass the standard (multi-tenant) login (so they can't change tenants)

Do we configure sub-domains for each ? Does each point to an appBaseUrl based login link with a tenant id as a parameter?

Does that seem about right? Will the appBaseUrl be sufficiently hidden (within the solution) so they can't "figure out" the main url and attempt to change tenants? How do the new tenant resolvers factor into this?

We need some urgent guidance on how to set this up correctly in Azure. Any concrete example and/or documentation is greatly appreciated

Thank you

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    edarib created

    It's explained here:

    Multi-tenancy url

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    pkouame created

    Yup looks like it is! Thanks!