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Does this framework has any Extensibility pattern? #1337

liaquathussain created

Basically, we are developing a multitenant application using ABP zero and at this point when we have several features already developed. Some clients/countries/region has different requirements than others and we want to have some flexibility in our application to encompass these minor UI or Business logic differences. I am aware of the awesome out of the box features like localization, and edition management, i just want to wire things up a bit for the sake of clarity for example, There are differences in the operational procedures in different countries and some clients like to have their own brand theme for UI. so how does the framework recommends to encompass these data model/Business logic/and UI differences in our applicaiton do we have to have separarate Views for every single Tenant for UI difference or it has a something out of the box to deal with Themes just like nopcommerce for exmple? should we develop separate ApplicationServices and Domain services in that case?

i am basically intersted to have a some changes (in UI, Business logic and Additional Fields) to be treated as a unit just like in the case of a plugin

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