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Users, Roles, Permissions #141

david created

First of all keep the good work!

I'm new to asp mvc development but i'm doing my best to catch up.

I'm a bit confused how PermissionDefinitionContext is associated with AbpPermissions Entity and PermissionChecker. What I would like to have is, Users and Roles associated with AbpPermissions and using both AbpAuthorize attribute and PermissionChecker in my controllers to check for authorization of actions. In the module-zero sample, i cannot understand relation between AbpPermission table and Permissionchecker or AbpAuthorize attribute as it checks only for permissions registered within the PermissionDefinitionContext.

Is that possible and if yes, what do i missed?

Furthermore, what is the suggested way to create new users? and how do i handle plain passwords to be inserted correctly in db as encrypted.

No answer yet!