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MultiPage Application using AngularJS #1561

aifazk created

Hello, Is it feasible to create MPA using ASP.NET MVC and AngularJS with BoilerPlate MPA architechture or Can we convert exiting AngularJS boilerplate SPA to MPA, just for Good URL naming and securities accessing URL of webAPP rather than Angular routing we would need server side routing authorisation based. Just for security purpose each time action called we can load data and AngularJS controller.

appriciates any help or suggestion. Thanks Aifaz

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    ismcagdas created


    It is possible of course but requires a bit of work. Starting with SPA and converting it to a MPA will be easier. You need to have a copy of App folder in the solution for each page. Each page of your app will be a seperate single page application.

    Then of course, you need to add an action for each page to your controllers.