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Register AbpSession and Initialize UserId #157

pnw created

The documentation []) says I can implement my own AbpSession but it doesn't say how to register it.

As a side note, I need to retrieve the authenticated user id which is in a cookie. Is the session the right place to do this?

I implemented it like this

public class AbpSession : IAbpSession
        public Abp.MultiTenancy.MultiTenancySides MultiTenancySide
            get { return Abp.MultiTenancy.MultiTenancySides.Host; }

        public int? TenantId
            get { return 1; }

        public long? UserId
                return 12345; // TODO how to get this from cookie!

but now when I inject IAbpSession in an ApplicationService, an error is thrown; part of which is pasted below.

"innerException":{"message":"An error has occurred.","exceptionMessage":"Can't create component 'Scorecard.UserDomain.UserApplicationService' as it has dependencies to be satisfied.\r\n\r\n'Scorecard.UserDomain.UserApplicationService' is waiting for the following dependencies:\r\n- Service <span style="color:#FF0080">'Abp.Runtime.Session.IAbpSession' which was not registered</span>.\r\n",

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Registering AbpSession as same as registering another component, not special. See documents: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... pendencies</a> Easiest way is to simply implementing ITransientDependency interface.

    For other questions, use this topic: #138.