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3-tier deployment. Separate GUI from Application #1622

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Short version of a question: How to force ABP web application to use dynamic WEB API, that is deployed on another server? It would be super, if I could simply change server name somewhere in Web.config :-)

Long version of a question: ABP (+Module Zero) based project, developed by me, with AngularJS + some cshtml GUI is used on client infrastructure.

Client uses internal network infrastructure and has some servers, that are open to public internet. The software was developed for internal usage.

Client decided to expose this system to public internet.

New requirements arrise:

  1. Software, that is exposed to public internet, must not contain any code for doing administrative tasks
  2. Server, that is exposed to public internet, cannot contain software directly accessing any database

With point No. 1 I have dealed using C# compiler directives. They eliminate chunks of C# code for administrative tasks.

How to deal with point No. 2?

I have to build infrastructure like this:

database_server <----> intranet_web_server_for_administrative_tasks_and_EXPOSED_DYNAMIC_WEB_API <----> public_internet_web_server_that_has_ONLY_GUI

How can I use Dynamic Web API from publicly accessible server? Both internal and public web servers should use ApplicationLayer in internal web server.

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    meff created

    Going post by post in forum and found:


    Eager to try by myself :-)