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abp.auth.allPermissions result is null #166

tiandao created

Hi hikalkan ; I have a problem in abp zero,for example; I reference script in ui page,like this picture: [attachment=2:2jhwy86w]1.png[/attachment:2jhwy86w] Next, JS proxy debug results like this: [attachment=1:2jhwy86w]2.png[/attachment:2jhwy86w] But, when i Debugger in ui page, allPermissions result is null. Why?can you help me .thank you .[attachment=0:2jhwy86w]3.png[/attachment:2jhwy86w]

thank you

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    I can not see uploaded images. You can also write to <a class="postlink" href=""></a> if you have trouble by uploading images.

    have you checked logs? Also, you can try to enter /AbpScripts/GetScripts to see generated script.

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    tiandao created

    oh,some China network not upload picture to github, i will write a email to you for later.

    Wish you happiness

    Thanks for your reply