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How to generate dynamic API for multiple modules frm differe #2072

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birthdaycensus created

This is what I am having in the Initialize method of my WebApiModule

                .ForAll<IApplicationService>(typeof(KolaApplicationModule).Assembly, "app")

                .ForAll<IApplicationService>(typeof(KolaContentApplicationModule).Assembly, "content")

In the KolaContentApplicationModule, I have ICategoryAppService that has a method GetCategory(int id) I am trying to access this method from the endpoint, /api/services/content/category/GetCategory?id=10 I got the error, "No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI 'http://localhost:6634/api/services/content/category/GetCategory?id=10'." But when I move ICategoryAppService to the KolaApplicationModule, I can access it from /api/services/app/category/GetCategory?id=10

Note that KolaContentApplicationModule is in a different project. In the Initialize method of the KolaContentApplicationModule , I have made the call,


What am I doing wrong, please

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