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How ready is the module zero? #21

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holobyte created


Just learned about ASP.NET Boilerplate from a friend after spending about two weeks trying to create exactly what you offer. After looking at your code I can say that your implementation is far more complete than what I was trying to achieve and then I decided to use what you've done instead.

Only problem is that I need module zero's authorization from the start so I have to ask, how ready for production is this module?

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    hikalkan created
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    Thanks. I hope you make use of it.

    Module-zero is almost production-ready. Implemented parts are working. We're using it in two production products in my company. I'm actively developing it. But some parts of it may change, and is not documented yet. Documentation will be written in a very near future. If you can understand it from sample project (<a class="postlink" href=""> ... ter/sample</a>) and discussions on forum and github, you can use it now.

    Have a nide day.