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Session when using Abp.TestBase.AbpIntegratedTestBase #226

bvz created

I am writing unit tests for Abp, and I have a class that inherits from Abp.TestBase.AbpIntegratedTestBase.

When I run this code:

var current = LocalIocManager.IocContainer.Resolve<IAbpSession>();

It resolves to a session of type:


I did not register this in Castle, so I am guessing that AbpIntegratedTestBase is doing this registration. How can I override this with my own session for testing purposes, so that I can set the logged in user Id for testing?

Thank you for your time and effort!

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    TestAbpSession has setter. You can do it:

    Resolve<TestAbpSession>().UserId = 42;

    If you want to override it, you can override PreInitialize method in your test class and register it using LocalIocManager.Register...