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What's the difference between an Entity and Edition? #3369

herbertmilhomme created

There's no direct or straight-forward explanation that really covers the difference, or what either of them really means.

I know entity refers to DB and the Tables and such. But what does edition mean?

There's Claim Permission Tenant All of that is kinda explained and covered. Claims is security, but a different layer of permissions, and tenants is also a separation between host and memberships. But where exactly is edition explained, and what does it do? What is it good for? How is it different from features? What if i wanted to add more designs and tools to the app, how do i restrict which host has access to which tools? Everything just gets thrown into the app, but i don't know where/how to access the on/off switch. I don't know where to look for what purpose, because none of these terms are thoroughly defined. I've been spending hours of research on the ABP framework. I've had samples in my care for months. Even went back to microsoft's msdn for info. I've paid for the tool, and now i feel frustrated, because documentation lacks a proper library for me to do the homework that i need, to succeed on my own.

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