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Binding bool value to phonebook - mvc core - jquery #3423

mdonogma created

trying to add a boolean value to the phonebook example so that checked/unchecked can pass through to the CreatePerson.

class on html: <div class="md-checkbox">

please help? as the rest of your app does not follow the same pattern as phonebook example.

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    alirizaadiyahsi created


    Actually, there are examples in application. For example Tenants/_CreateModal.cshtml You can refer this page.

    For phonebook example:

    • Add a boolean value to CreatePersonInput.cs
    • Add a checkbox item to view. Like following:
    <div class="md-checkbox">
        <input id="Phonebook_SomeBooleanValue" class="md-check" type="checkbox" name="SomeBooleanValue" value="true" checked="checked">
        <label for="Phonebook_SomeBooleanValue">
            <span class="inc"></span>
            <span class="check"></span>
            <span class="box"></span>