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Errors when deployed to Azure #363

terrybentley created

I just deployed my web application to Azure and the deploy went well. The initial page came up fine as did the login page. However, as soon as I logged in I see a bunch of javascript error in the Firebug window and the page never loads: TypeError: t is undefined ...cludes(t)};return t.$stateful=!0,t}var u=t.isDefined,h=t.isFunction,f=t.isString... /Bundles/App/lib/ js?v=FW...td3Mdo1 (line 1, col 693815)

ReferenceError: angular is not defined })((abp || (abp = {})), (angular || undefined)); /api/AbpServiceProxies/GetAll?type=angular (line 26, col 1)

TypeError: abp.utils is undefined var serviceNamespace = abp.utils.createNamespace(abp, ''... /api/AbpServiceProxies/GetAll (line 3, col 9)

TypeError: abp.event is undefined abp.event.trigger('abp.dynamicScriptsInitialized'); /AbpScripts/GetScripts?v=...7482904 (line 715, col 5)

TypeError: abp.localization.getSource is not a function ..."}}})})();app=app||{},function(){var n=abp.localization.getSource("RtCloud");app... /Bundles/Common/ js?v=gA...p4dBnQ1 (line 1, col 272)

ReferenceError: angular is not defined var appModule=angular.module("app",["ui.router","ui.bootstrap","ui.utils","ui.jq... /Bundles/App/ js?v=FZ...EjBVeo1 (line 1, col 9)

Any tips would be appreciated. Terry

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team

    Probably, your scripts could not be loaded. Open chrome dev tools Console to see which scripts can not be loaded. Maybe you did not publish these scripts to the server.