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Tutorial on Abp.Zero or help to make it work plz #37

gvb created


I'm trying to create an app with Abp.Zero for authentication, but unfortunatly nothing work from your sample.

Taskever -> doesn't build after downloading -> restore nugget... 14 error from DLL...

Is it possible to have a true tutorial or a true sample project that really work... even the web site doesn't work and i receive Internal Server Error....

i really want to make it work but there is no resource that i found that help me to create the basic thing LOGIN / REGISTER / ROLE....

nothing more....

is it possible to have a tutorial or having someone to help to make the basic login-reigster-role work in a new project ?

thx in advance

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    I'm working on module-zero source code and documentation. Documentation will be available soon. Sample project works (<a class="postlink" href=""> ... ter/sample</a>). It has login and authorization working.

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    gvb created

    the project work and i will try to take it as example!

    Continue your great work! Can't wait for the documentation :D

    thx a lot