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Core 2.0 & SignalR #3843

AndrewT created

Has anyone tried this with aspnetzero? or any other work around?

<a class="postlink" href=""> ... Core-alpha</a>

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    mikeb created

    Nope, but I had noticed SignalR had made alpha: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... -core-2-0/</a>

    Looking through the AspNetZero code, they've used a #FEATURE_SIGNALR directive to comment out the SIGNALR-dependent features. I guess one way forward is to install the SignalR alpha package, define FEATURE_SIGNALR, fix any compilation issues and see if the built-in functionality (chat etc) can be made to work. I am keen to get SignalR happening with Core 2.0, but have other priorities right now. I'll post back if I get a chance to work on this, but otherwise maybe a ANZ support person could post here what with their intentions are on this front - please? :)