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Best Way to Deploy Asp.Net Boilerplate + Zero on Azure #422

vitor lacerda created


Can anyone help me with this questions?

What is the best way to deploy Asp.Net Boilerplate + Zero project (SAAS) to Azure App Services and get better scalability system?

PS: My project can run on-promises too.

Of course, i will put database on SQL Database Azure service or on-promises Database.


  1. Should i put all projects on same APP Service?

  2. Should i split projects between APP Service / API App?

If yes, What project shoud i put on App Service and API App?

Example: Web to App service , all others (Application, WebApi, Core, EntityFramework) to API App

  1. Anyone has a template project for Aspnetboilerplate+Zero with Azure integration?

  2. Anyone using Continuous Integration with VS Online?


Vitor Lacerda

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    apexdodge created

    If I were you, I would just keep things simple and do Visual Studio Web Deploys to Azure Websites and use Azure Sql. Treat it like any normal web app.

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    ddnils created

    Hello Vitor, I would recommend you to use Azure on one App, it pretty much scales itself. - You usually don't need to split it.

    I do use continuous integration with VS Online (took me about 1h to set up). One of the best features is, that it does all the testing before it provisions to azure web. - So if you use testing, this is a good option for you. But it has it's merits too. I once tried to publish a website with visual studio which was at the same time connected via continuous integration. This went horribly wrong and I worked for hours to get back a working version.

    So my recommendation is to use continuous integration, if you do test a lot. (If you use a msdn subscription for the licensing be aware of the 5 builds per day limit). If not, you can use VS to publish to azure, it's easier to maintain.

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    vitor lacerda created

    thanks guys, I will follow the recommendation to keep in one app.

    and will test the functionality of continuous integration just to know better.