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AngularUI Project Error! #4272

ramezani583 created

hi, i have 1 error in first build in angular project!

I don't know 2 different path! My project address is "D:\Project\PhoneBook_V5\PhoneBook\angular"

Error CS1926 Error opening Win32 manifest file D:\src\shared\utils\chat-message.component.html -- Could not find a part of the path 'D:\src\shared\utils\chat-message.component.html'. SSoft.PhoneBook.AngularUI D:\Project\PhoneBook_V5\PhoneBook\angular\CSC 1 Active

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    alper created
    Support Team


    1-Close your project/solution 2-Open the .csproject file with a text editor for your project 3-Search for the invalid path or something like <ApplicationManifest> 4-Delete it.

    Give it a try