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Angular localization / internationalization i18n #432

ddnils created

I have been trying to wrap my mind around the localization features of angular.

Since the razor-views do a lot of the heavy lifting, I am able to localize pretty much every string. My main concern is the localization of dates. When using angular to display dates, I usually do it with a filter like this:

<div>{{scopeValueDate | date: 'shortDate'}}</div>

This works pretty well as expected, but when i activated additional languages I noticed the dates were not localized.

It seems the angular resources for internationalization are not loaded. (/Scripts/i18n/angular-locale_XX.js) They do not appear in Developer Tools / Sources.

Also I am not able to insert them into the page... If I do add a script reference, the script is still not visible in Developer Tools.

Have you experienced anything similar? How do you solve internationalization of dates?

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