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InvalidTimeZoneException: "Sudan Standard Time" #4526

legatoteam created

When I access Administration->Setting Page, It shows below error. I am using windows 10 versions and i already search the related topic : #4401@3d7f36dc-421b-485d-b469-a1441a421325 The resource is not suitable for windows 10

InvalidTimeZoneException: "Sudan Standard Time" was not recognized as a valid IANA time zone name, or has no equivalant Windows time zone. TimeZoneConverter.TZConvert.IanaToWindows(string ianaTimeZoneName) TimeZoneConverter.TZConvert.GetTimeZoneInfo(string windowsOrIanaTimeZoneId) System.Linq.Enumerable+WhereSelectArrayIterator.MoveNext() System.Linq.Buffer..ctor(IEnumerable

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