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MySql Problem with Angular and Asp.Net Core v 5.0.4 #4583

cangunaydin created

Hello Volosoft, I am using Pomelo EntityFramework Core v 2.0.1 as MySql provider, I have updated my project from AspNetZero v4.0 to v5.0 now everything works fine when i use the MsSql provider. But i have a strange problem when i use the pomelo mysql provider.

I have deleted all the migrations and create a new migration and update the database for mysql. And everything works fine. I can see the tables in mysql db. In my project i am using hangfire so i have done the mysql configuration for hangfire.

When i run the project i can see the swagger page. And from the user interface i can browse login page change the tenant and login to the system with mysql db. But strangely if i log out and try to login again to the application the page stucks when it tries to open the dashboard. The web page is trying to call the service, AbpUserConfiguration/GetAll controller and then it can not get a response like it is in pending state for a long long time. I am attaching the chrome debugger tool snaphot for you to see how it stucks.

Do you have any idea what happens inside that controller probably it can not get the settings data for the user somehow from db that's my guess. Or should i update the project to v5.0.6? How can i fix the issue?

Thank you for the assistance.

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    ismcagdas created

    @cangunaydin I suggest you to check Logs.txt file for Host project first. You can also check cookies using your browser's developer console when you logged out to see if there are any auth token.