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RAD tool wishlist - templates #4734

bobingham created

The version of the RAD tool in 5.2.0 offers the capability to modify client templates. Which is great but it will only create the two components in the angular FileTemplates folder. I tried to add a third template in this folder but it was ignored by the generator. Would it be possible to modify generation code to iterate through this folder and create a folder for the ComponentTemplate.txt (as it currently does) and then a sub-folder within this folder for each of the additional component templates? Thus for my own structure we would have:


I don't think this would be a large change and it would give support to those of who do not like CRUD operations in modals and would also give us a details page for viewing related information. In addition the generation tool, carefully used, could also be used to generate client code for different platforms. For me I can see how I could use this for generation of code for the Ionic platform.

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    yekalkan created

    Adding custom templates is on road map. (high priority)