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Multi Tenancy Single Deployment - Multiple Database #488

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This Topic related to #170 Hello Halil I was reading about unit of work and How aspnetboilerplate automatically start a transaction on calling any Application Service method here <a class="postlink" href=""></a> ... it-Of-Work Do you mean that Starting the MSDTC on the server will fix the issues regarding starting Two transaction ? Dose aspnetboilerplate unit of work deal with this scenarios where multi tenant application should use different database for each tenant ? Please help because I am new to aspnetboilerplate and I also should use Single Application/Multi Database approach.

My scenario is Single Deployment - Multiple Database in the below link I just want to make sure that aspnetboilerplate work with Single Deployment - Multiple Database or How I should implement my Application Service classes in order to get aspnetboilerplate works with Single Deployment - Multiple Database <a class="postlink" href=""></a> ... ti-Tenancy

My scenario workflow is like this

  • aspnetboilerplate zero + other shared functionality will be hosted in the host database which means that I will keep all users + roles + other shared data in the host database because the software will be sold to re-sellers and each re-seller will have his/her own users.
  • when the user login i will use the host database to authenticate him then all other system use cases will be executed in his/her database.
  • His/Her database used to store user-related data not host data
  • Host database will used to store only as I said users + roles + sessions + edition + features etc... Thank you

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    jboliveira created

    I have the same problem, and I dont know how to implement it.