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Identity Column Display in Angular UI #4930

sunilkosuri created


I am using ASPNETZERO with EF Core + Angular template.

I have successfully created a database using Code-first approach. My database tables have primary keys that are different from "Id" and I successfully overrode "Id" as follows:

[Column("Country_Code_Id")] public override int Id { get; set; }

Additionally, Country_Code_Id has been configured as an identity column with auto-increment.

In the Administration UI, when I try to create a new Country Code, the UI shows an input for Country_Code_Id. I don't want to display this field because I want the system to auto-generate the value when I create the Country Code entry.

What changes do I need to make to make this work?

Thank you for any help.

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    alirizaadiyahsi created

    Hi @sunilkosuri, why don't just you remove this input from html? Did you generate entity by using rad tool?