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ERROR [object Object] #496

gvb created

Trying to port an old web site to ABP and i'm getting an error while trying to execute the addQuoteService I started from the Zero template.

Error: [object Object]
Abp error : Error :
Abp Log: None
Doesn't reach Elmah, Doesn't reach NLog.

code :

vm.add = function () {
     vm.saving = true;

         function (response) {
          function (errorResponse) {
              vm.saving = false;
vm.newQuote = {
    sapProjectNo: '1',
    description: 'project'

my service is injected and is in Type=allAngular....

What's wrong ?

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    gvb created


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    gvb created

    Hmm i found my error!

    But i don't understand why it doesn't get logged in ABP ?

    The problem was i tried to resolve something with the IoCManager and i forgot to register my class in the initialization of the module... all my fault!

    So when the Dynamic WebAPI Constructor was called, it was throwing an exception.... that i doesn't see anywhere in my logs

    There is no trace in Elmah, NLog and Abp Audit. Is it Possible to get Infos of Controller that fail in their constructor?

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    hikalkan created

    For such cases, try to change customErrors to RemoteOnly (or Off) to allow ASP.NET directly return exception to the client. I don't know why, but for some errors ASP.NET hides from us.

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    gvb created

    ok thx for the return.

    i will try to put the error to return to client while i'm in developpment! then turn off for production.