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Pages to maintain the new features #536

terrybentley created

I installed the ASP.NET Zero a few months ago and it is working out very well. There have been a few new features added recently that I have almost working but not quite. The ones I am referring to are the new database Language feature and the Edition and Feature features.
I did the nuget, created and loaded the table changes, modified the few modules,... I think they are ready to go but I don't know where to find the maintenance screens. How do I maintain the language table and the edition/feature tables? Or do I need to create these index,js and index.cshtml files and link them in with the necessary permissions.


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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Have you copied related cshtml, css, js files, c# classes and so on? For example, language views are here: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... /languages</a> Also, generally we have;

    • new angular routes/states
    • new localizations
    • new menus
    • new permission

    It is a bit hard but gets much less time than building yourself. You may try to use a tool like WinMerge. it automatically compares all files and shows all changes.