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Web Api Deployment in three tier application #545

tarekmahran created


Can anyone help me with these questions?

What is the best way to deploy Asp.Net Boilerplate to a N-Tier Architecture and get better scalability system? I had the below scenario: 1 - I had an architecture with Three Tier: 1- Web Layer 2- Application Layer 3- Data layer What I'm trying to do is to deploy the SPA (AnjularJS) in the Web Tier and the WEB APIto the Application Tier, But really I don't know how to host it in the Application server IIS. The cause is the Web API (ApplicationService in ASPnetboilerplate) is Dll project and generate its APIs dynamically in run time.

I think to wrap the web API (ApplicationService in ASPnetboilerplate) project inside a http web client project and host it in IIS server but I don't know if this the best way or Not.

2 - Any recommendation on how to deploy the above scenario in a good N-Tier Application Architecture.

Thanks in Advance.

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