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User/role management #546

improwise created

"Module-Zero implements multi-tenancy, setting management, session management, audit logging of ABP and adds tenant, user and role management. This template can be used as a starter kit to build a SPA using AngularJs and EntityFramework."

Not sure if I am stupid or anything but I can't seem to find ANYTING in the Presentation layer (Web) about managing users, roles, settings etc? Or does the above really mean "Module-Zero layers BELOW presentation layer" and that we have to use commercial version ASP.NET Zero in order to have that from start?

We are considering buying the ASP.NET Zero module but want to evaluate it first from a developer perspective and thought we could do that using ASP.NET Boilplate + Zero Module but perhaps we were wrong. If so, that is understandable but perhaps needs to be made more obvious then to new users :)

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Forum the document: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... ro/Overall</a>

    Module-Zero defines entities and implements domain logic (domain layer). It leaves application and presentation layers to the application since applications can have very different application logic and user interface requirements. You can use the startup template to create your application based on module zero.

    So, it provides domain logic. ASP.NET Zero is built on it and provides user interface. If you want to buy it and have questions, you can always ask. But you can not get all source code to evaluate it since we sell the source code :)


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    live created

    Hi Do you have a GUI to set and manage Menu/ Role to Controller actions.