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Abp.Zero.Entityframework Reference Error #547

thobiasxp created


I have one issue. I add two references(Abp.Zero.Entityframework, Abp.EntityFramework) in the Application Project for calling sp's. At the time on wards i got the internal error occurred message where we mapped abpuser table as a foreign key. application method did not find before i got the error only. Give a solution for this.


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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    You don't need to add reference to Abp.Zero.Entityframework and Abp.EntityFramework in order to call SPs. Just create a custom repository interface and implement it in your .EntityFramework project. That way, you abstract SPs from your application layer.

    If you really need it, please share your full stack trace and error message in detail, so I can understand it better.