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Slow wake-up after server is idle #573

ofir1234 created

Hi. I am using your template and I must say it's a life saving project. I'm using the angular+entity framework version.

I have this problem : The server startup takes about 15 seconds (I'm restarting the iis and then surfing into my local website and it's taking about 15 seconds) - That's acceptable . The problem is, if no user surf into my website , which means - the website is idle, for about 1 hour, the next time a user is trying to open the website, it takes again about 10-15 seconds for the page to load (after that I have again an hour with super fast performance, less than 1s for loading any page, from any computer). But this 15 seconds of waiting after no user surfs into my website is pretty annoying. What could be the problem ? Thanks.

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    cosmic created

    Hi, this is a default behavior of the IIS. It will suspend application after 20 minutes (default setting) of inactivity. You can implement own functionality to "keep alive" the application. See: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... issues/460</a>