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Define multiple angular layout for eash subsystem. #592

omital created

Hi, Suppose that we have sybsystem for accounting system like StoreSubSystem, SaleSubSystem, AccountingSubSystem and .... How can we have multiple angular layout application and menus for each subsystem. (I use Apb + EntityFramework + AngularJs)

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    hikalkan created
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    In the template, you have App/Main folder which contains all angular application files. Just copy this folder to a App/Second folder and start to create your second SPA.

    ABP has multiple Menu support. See doc: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... Navigation</a>:

    There may be one or more menus in an application. context.Manager.MainMenu references the default, main menu. We can create and add more menus using context.Manager.Menus property