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When can we get the framework for 5 ? #597

arpanm created

When can we get the framework for 5 ?

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    sampath created

    I would like to add more to this question. ;)

    1. At the time when ABP will have 5 version,can we upgrade our existing apps into that version without any breaking changes ?

    2. Now Angular 2 Beta has been released.So When ABP will have that version ?

    3. Will we have issues when upgrade our existing apps into Angular 2 ?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    ASP.NET 5 works will be planned in first quarter of 2016. I suppose it will be ready a short time after ASP.NET 5 final release.

    I can not guarantie to not be breaking changes. This is not about ABP, it's about ASP.NET. Microsoft re-written the entire framework. So, probably there will be breaking changes.

    Same is true for angular 2. It's completely independent from ABP framework. ABP has no major integration with Angular except an adapter and a few helpers. You can even now use Angular 2 with ABP. ABP is client-side independent. I think to prepare a startup template after Angular 2 release.

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    sampath created

    Hi Halil, Awesome ! Thanks a lot for the clarification :)