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Login returning JSON and change tenant nothing happens #6100

asdap created

Running application for the first time. Demo. Core MVC and JQuery. Multi tenancy enabled.

if I try to change the tenancy (Current tenant: Not selected (Change)) nothing happens.

If I try to login using the admin login and 123qwe I get error {"result":null,"targetUrl":"/Account/ResetPassword?UserId=1&ResetCode=DEA7E737C7&ReturnUrl=%2FApp","success":true,"error":null,"unAuthorizedRequest":false,"__abp":true}

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    ismcagdas created

    Hi @asdap

    Have you runned "yarn" and "npm run create-bundles" respectively ? You can follow

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    asdap created

    Hi and thanks for your answer.

    I run "yarn" in the directory 'c:\Users\Maurizio\Source\Repos\netzeroDemo' a file yarn.lock is created

    I run "npm run create-bundles" in the directory 'c:\Users\Maurizio\Source\Repos\netzeroDemo' but I get the following error message:

    npm ERR! path c:\Users\Maurizio\Source\Repos\netzeroDemo\package.json npm ERR! cpde ENOENT npm ERR! errno -4058 npm ERR! syscall open npm ERR! enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'c:\Users\Maurizio\Source\Repos\netzeroDemo\package.json' npm ERR! enoent This is realated to npm not able to find a file

    Am I supposed to run the npm command in another directory? Any help?

    Thanks in advance

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    asdap created

    Thanks a lot @ismcagdas

    I have been running yarn and npm in the wrong directory. Now it is up and running.

    Howevert could be nice to mention in the docs that they have to be run in the *.Web.Mvc under the src directory.

    Again, thanks

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    aaron created

    Already mentioned and bolded in the ASP.NET Core MVC & JQuery > Getting Started Guide:

    Run The Project

    Before running the project, we need to run a npm task to bundle and minify the CSS and JavaScript files. In order to do that, we can open a command prompt, navigate to root directory of *.Web.Mvc project and run npm run create-bundles command. This command should be run when a new npm package is being added to the solution.