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Abp Update and Castle Windsor #62

hans abelshausen created

Hi, I tried to update Abp to the newest Version, but now, in Initialize method of the webmodule following error is shown: Can't create component 'Abp.Auditing.AuditingInterceptor' as it has dependencies to be satisfied.

'Abp.Auditing.AuditingInterceptor' is waiting for the following dependencies:

  • Service 'Abp.Auditing.IAuditingStore' which was not registered.

Which dependency is missing?

Update: I put Configuration.Localization.Sources.Add(IocManager.Resolve<DbLocalizationSource>()); in the PostInitialize function and now following error occured in the WebViewPageBase.cs class: Can not find a source with name: "Test"

public abstract class TestWebViewPageBase : TestWebViewPageBase<dynamic>


    public abstract class TestWebViewPageBase<TModel> : AbpWebViewPage<TModel>
        protected TestWebViewPageBase()
           LocalizationSourceName = TestConsts.LocalizationSourceName;

I use a dblocalizationsource and now, if I put the code:


in the PreInitialize or in the Initialize function the first error occurs, if I put it in the PostInitialize function the second error is shown. I have updated abp to Version, in the other Version everything works fine Thank you

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team

    Explanation for the problem: <a class="postlink" href=""> ... t-98678010</a> I published v0.5.13.3 for a fix. Update to latest version please.