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Dropdown not displaying #659

bspann created


I have a modal view that I want to display for creating a new record. On the modal window, I need to have three dropdown's for the user to pick a value. So I the records coming from the database with the following code:

output.HighSchools = await _highSchoolRepository .GetAll() .OrderBy(hs => hs.Name) .Select(hs => new ComboboxItemDto() { Value = hs.Id.ToString(), DisplayText = hs.Name, //IsSelected = output.Prospect.HighSchool.Name == hs.Name }) .ToListAsync();

When the modal form shows, I can see the label but the dropdown is not displayed. When I look at the Modal form with the browser's developer tools I can see the 's for the values from the database. The dropdown's are not being displayed.

What is going on?

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