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Cross tenant impersonation Login #6595

velu created


Case: Tenant1 UserName TOM Password TOM Tenant2 Username TOM Password [maybeDifferent]

Requirement: * User can change login in tenant1 to tenant2 Like login as this user. * Cross tenant Impersonation login

How can we achive this functionality.

Currently system gives us this warning

Can not impersonate a user of a different tenant!


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    ryancyq created
    Support Team

    Hi, you can user LinkedAccount on admin1 of tenant1 with admin2 of tenant2.

    You may proceed with user impersonation after you have logged into the other admin account.


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    mightyit created

    @ryancyq The provided link gives a 404 error

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    ryancyq created
    Support Team

    @mightyit the documentation has been moved to