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Cross tenant impersonation Login #6595

velu created


Case: Tenant1 UserName TOM Password TOM Tenant2 Username TOM Password [maybeDifferent]

Requirement: * User can change login in tenant1 to tenant2 Like login as this user. * Cross tenant Impersonation login

How can we achive this functionality.

Currently system gives us this warning

Can not impersonate a user of a different tenant!


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    ryancyq created

    Hi, you can user LinkedAccount on admin1 of tenant1 with admin2 of tenant2.

    You may proceed with user impersonation after you have logged into the other admin account.


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    mightyit created

    @ryancyq The provided link gives a 404 error

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    ryancyq created

    @mightyit the documentation has been moved to