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Share MultiProjectTemplate for new Modules #696

byteplatz created

Hello Halil, how are you ?

I was wondering if is possible for you to share the MultiProjectTemplate used to create AspNetZero solutions. I ask because we need to develop several separated modules and this is a tedious task.

I think youre using SideWaffle (as I saw question from someone using this to help you to create the multiproject template).

My intention is to customize this template for new module: File\NewProject\MyServiceModule and this will create the infrastructure needed (core, app, etc)

Thanks in advance


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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Thanks, how are you too :)

    I've no such a MultiProjectTemplate. I didn't use SideWaffle before but I think it's proper for such a template. Curently I'm busy for planned works. I noted your request and evaluate it for the later.

    Thanks, Have a nice day.