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Multi-tenant architecture #7

bogdan created

Hi Halil,

It does not look like tenant concept is used in the sample and I cannot imagine simple enough project which can show benefits of this concept. Also descriptions of multi-tenancy which I was able to find in web are kind of blur. What about making it optional if there are no strong reasons to do otherwise. Maybe there is a need to have separate module for this?

BTW, great project. Thanks for ABP and let me know if you need any help.

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Multi-tenancy is a core subject for ASP.NET Boilerplate since cloud (SaaS) applications increases. It's optional since it makes your application complicated. If you will just sell your application to a single company, no reason to make it multi-tenant. But, if your application will work on the internet and a single deployment and single database will be shared by different customers (tenants) then it should be multi-tenant where each tenant (customer) will manage it's own roles, users, permissions, settings and other application-specific entities.

    Wikipedia defines it well: <a class="postlink" href=""></a>

    There is no ABP based sample multitenant application. Actually, it's easy to make ABP-based apps multi-tenant. I will prepare a sample in near future. But, for now I'm hardly working on multi-tenancy parts. When I finish and test it well, I'll document it.

    I don't think multi-tenancy to be a seperated module since it's a core concept for ABP. It's optional and no problem if your app is single-tenant.