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RAID tool generating different templates than before #7150

miroslav.engi created

Everything worked fine with RAD Tool until wanted to generate a new entity from yesterday it generates different templates on Angular side.

  1. @ViewChild('createOrEditBlahoModal', { static: true }) createOrEditBlahoModal: CreateOrEditBlahoModalComponent; Adds { static: true } to this line and the compiler throws error.

2.<div [@routerTransition]>

In html component the classes had different namings (kt-...) than the pervious ones generated by RAD Tool. So now the layout falls appart?

Before it was div class="m-subheader" and this is good.

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    miroslav.engi created


    Why are RAD Tool templates changed with thesee calsses my layout falls apart ?

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    yekalkan created

    We have released the old version (with metronic 5) as a separate extension. You can downgrade it.