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AD Authentication and auto login #7336

hengelo created

Hi all,

I have seen many post about this subject most of them are very old but there is no clear answer or sample.

We have a ABP zero project running in our network (v7 Core/Angular). We want users to auto login in our application (not entering username and password). Such a simple wish :-)

How do we accomplish that (without using ADFS)? Are there working samples out there?



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    ismcagdas created

    Hi @hengelo

    Unfortunately, there is no sample for this. But, you can try to do something like this:

    1. When user opens the login page, you can send a request to server app (you need to create a new endpoint for this).
    2. On this server-side endpoint, you need to get username of the windows user. I assume all users are using Windows.
    3. Then, you need to automatically login the user using LDAP authentication.
    4. After all, you can return a token to Angular client app, so Angular app can use this token for futher requests (This is tone automatically).