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Extending Organizational Units, or extending Settings #744

montanaprogrammer created

Appreciate others input...

Organizational Units work great for segregating users however I need to further extend it so that OU's can have "settings". I looked into the Setting Manager and it'd work great if I didn't need a UI for the site admin to manage the "OU Settings".

So... should I get the source code and extend OU's to have "settings", or should I go the route of creating an UI for creating static (saved to db) settings that are then used to create settings in the settings manager on application initialization.


Org. Unit X (Customers)

Setting 1 (locale zone fee) Setting 2 (group discount for instance)


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    montanaprogrammer created

    Hmmm, in my continued reading it appears Settings Manager uses Cache, maybe extending OU to have settings is the correct route.

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    hikalkan created
    Support Team


    Yes, it's more proper to extend OUs.